Installation information

Your mural wallpaper is printed on a pre-glued vinyl film tailored for a speedy installation on painted drywall. This wallpaper is suitable for application on matte, semi-gloss, or glossy paint finishes. Your wall surface must be smooth, dry, and impeccably clean before installation. To prepare your wall, gently dust it off with a dry cloth, avoiding the use of any cleaning products that could compromise adhesive quality. If you've recently painted your wall, please consult the paint manufacturer's guidelines for information regarding drying time and conditions before commencing with your mural installation.

For step-by-step installation instructions, please view the video provided below.

To install your Tapestry, you'll require a common tapestry adhesive, readily available at reputable hardware stores. To simplify the installation process, we produce strips measuring 24 inches in width and matching the height of your wall.

Your tapestry can be applied in various settings, including a room, bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Since it's constructed from PVC, it is impervious to the effects of water and humidity, making it a durable choice for any environment.

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) client information

Please note that we will remain open. However, our production workshop will be closed to the public.

Your orders will be processed, printed and delivered according to the same deadlines as usual.